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The terror attacks in Brussels were directed against our continent as a whole. The Belgian authorities were unable to prevent them despite having proclaimed a state of emergency several months ago. But what is even more worrisome: the inhabitants of the Arab quarter of the Belgian capital hid a terrorist on the wanted list, one of the main suspects of the Paris terror attacks for months on end.

It’s only words,
And words are all I have
To take your heart away.

When masses of migrants were streaming across the Balkans towards Hungary’s borders in the summer heat, I still hoped to see Europe’s leaders wake up from their Sleeping Beauty dream, realise the gravity of the danger and take immediate steps to prevent Europe from being invaded. That was not to happen. The human flood tumbling through Serbia ended up thronging our highways, paralysing transports along several of our main routes, finally invading Budapest’s Keleti railway station and its surroundings, practically blocking rail traffic between Hungary and Austria. Media outlets relayed scenes of deliberate invasion, as the alleged ’refugees’ who according to the left-liberal media had been running this far for their lives, were confronting the Hungarian authorities like scores of mobile intifada units, putting forward demands, blackmail and tricks as directed by their ringleaders. Showing complete disregard towards patient and humane exhortations by Hungarian law enforcement and towards European legal norms, they would refuse to have themselves registered, submit asylum requests, have their fingerprints taken, present IDs or wait until their case was processed. In doing so they were being supported and encouraged by the political leaders and the media of certain Western and Northern countries. Hungary found herself for weeks and even months on the Cutty stool of ‘authoritative’ international public opinion, for the sole reason of daring to protect her borders; stopping the new settlers invading its territory; expecting them to abide by the law and claiming its right to vet and screen people intending to cross its borders. Manipulative, untrue and fully unfair media onslaughts have been coupled by lecturing, scolding, threatening and excoriating gestures by Western politicians until this very day. (E.g. the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg; the Chancellor of Austria; a whole line of German politicians; officials from Norway; the president of France and his Cabinet Ministers; the Prime Minister of Italy etc.) In the climax of the crisis, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany who apparently aspires to Mother Theresa’s laurels, decided without consulting her fellow European politicians to send a blank invitation to all migrants desiring to settle in Europe. As a result, over 2 million ’refugees’ have arrived in Germany and their numbers continue to rise.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities… But the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.
Winston Churchill, 1899.

When on New Year’s eve 2015, in front of the Cologne railway station, within the station itself and in railway wagons the population of the city and its suburbs who intended to have a good time celebrating the New Year were being intimidated and the women sexually harassed by men under the influence of alcohol, people suddenly realised what had happened to Germany. The media of course was silent as always and even denied the facts, while German politicians followed their usual habit of blowing smoke. News about that night didn’t see the daylight four days and when the media started releasing it, it turned out lacking the language, the words to describe the situation they manoeuvred themselves into within the limits of political correct speech.

Language and words are in fact of vital importance. As Confucius said, when words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom. Who were the perpetrators and who were the victims? In order to be able to talk about what happened to them we must be able to name them. The perpetrators were men, while most of the victims were women. So far so good. (Although some want to deprive us nowadays of the use of the words ’man’ and ’woman’.) But who were the more or less thousand men united in groups who surrounded, harassed, threatened, groped, fingered and sometimes even raped women passing by? Several days had to pass before it became known that what had happened in Cologne was something not unfamiliar four people in other German cities or again in Austria or Sweden, nor was it in any way a singular occasion. Once again: who were the perpetrators? Arabs? Muslims? These expressions are barred from politically correct speech because they would tarnish the reputation of a non-Christian religion. (That practice is only admitted when it comes to Catholics over accusations of paedophilia.) People belonging to Islam? Idem. Syrians? Afghans? The politically correct denied that they were migrants. Migrants in facts never reached Germany. All the newcomers were ‘refugees’. The right answer was found four days later: they were Blacks and North Africans.’ Black’ is a good word. It is safe. It is watertight in its political correctness. So far mentioning the geographical name ’North Africans’ has not yet proved to be dangerous. A week had passed by the time the first reports timidly using the word ’refugee’ appeared. The political elite in general and the Chancellor in particular have still not made that step to this very day. In the dry technical (corresponding to what technology?) jargon she uses to communicate with the world, she only conceded that when it comes to what happened to Cologne ‘a few serious questions (!?)arise of course’. Then she went on saying ‘Again and again we have two speak about the basic principles of cultural coexistence. Again and again we have two make sure if with regards to expulsions from Germany and inevitable departures (!) we have done all what is necessary, to give a clear signal to those who refuse to abide by our legal system. Immigration of people (!) is a gain for us. Countries have always benefited from successful immigration both economically and socially’. This meta-speech makes it clear that for the Chancellor and the German political and media elite following in her footsteps Germany only exists as a juridical and a business reality. It is not a birthplace, nor is it somebody’s native land, a community of kin bound together by joint traditions and culture. No, it is just a business unit operating in a given legal environment which can be made even more global-conform through immigration in order to reap even higher profits.

The reclusive and absurd attitude of Western leading elites is perfectly exemplified by the arguments put forward by one of the most influential German pundits. He said those few German citizens who prevented migrants from getting off their bus at Clausnitz, committed something more horrendous than what had happened in Cologne. Jakob Augstein explained in fact that the Cologne victims were subjugated to the perpetrators while the acts were being committed, but before and after they stood above them. The victims at Clausnitz, on the other hand, were victims before during and after. German intellectuals are thus convinced that their wives and daughters being terrorised, intimidated and shamed by migrants in their own cities carriers less weight than the inconvenience suffered by a few impatient and pretentious migrants when they had to remain in their buses somewhat longer than scheduled. German anti-culture is unparalleled in this world. Their worrying love of ‘victims’ has overwritten everything ever since ’68. To be sure of being on the ‘right’ side along with their parents, they badly need victims they can ‘attend to’. Such an act is of course in most cases theoretical and indirect, because it is not meant to subvert in any way the luxurious world they built for themselves with such delicate taste. A normal man or boy knows his duty and defends his women, daughters, mothers and sisters. Today’s Germans are the only ones to have become brainwashed and emasculated to become incapable of doing so. Public discourse in Germany has been totally depoliticised and infantilised by Merkel’s language. Not merely by being infinitely boring and monotonous, but also because it is devoid of any content – it never says anything it merely releases hot air most of the time. It released the Moslem migrant wave onto Europe apparently without having to explain why or on the basis of what strategy. German citizens do not require more than being told ’Wir schaffen das’. As if they were given a task in logistics. They enter at one point; are being gathered and vetted at another point; distributed at the third one and are being finally dispatched to their predetermined destinations. Isn’t that logistical approach too sadly familiar?

Moral indignation is a standard strategy for endowing the idiot with dignity.

Germany is in deep trouble. Given its economic strength and measureless ambitions, that is bad news for the whole of Europe and the world as a whole. German and European political elites under Merkel’s guidance have mishandled all three recent grave crises – the financial crunch in 2008; the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the migration wave.

Since German hearts have been replaced by cash registers for a long time, German elites and with them the European ones as well are unable to imagine that not everyone is for sale at the price of a few pennies. There still are people, countries, nations and even regions where self-consciousness, dignity and conviction are more important than the money offered. They knew in fact that the money won’t eventually be the amount promised; it will never be transferred by the deadline set; and by the time it is to be sent, it will turn out not to have solved anything, while the philanthropist will have made a reasonably good deal. For West German and West European intellectuals, the Soviet Union was the administrative power centre that was in conformity with their philosophical stance as long as it existed. The void it left behind is being filled by the leftist with the European Union. Another utopia, another union, another bureaucracy which, most importantly, supersedes national dimensions and is therefore progressive. We shouldn’t forget that intellectuals have been dreaming about the end of nations, of nation states and a world government to replace them since Immanuel Kant’s time.

To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.

We are being threatened and scolded day in day out by Germany’s rectified and regimented mainstream media, either out of conviction or out of cynicism or again because that is what they are being paid for or instructed to do. (A journalist with WDR told a Dutch radio station that several German public service broadcasters had been instructed to report on asylum seekers in a spirit that should be supportive of the government’s stance. Describing news reporting on L1 radio, Claudia Zimmermann said ’of course we were instructed to be pro-government in our reporting’. Tagesspiegel, 01.18.2016.) Senior editors are coming out daily to describe the kinds of direct and indirect instructions they have been given by the most various authorities from the Ministry of Welfare to the Chancellor’s Office on what should be the agenda; how matters should be handled and how their narratives should be favourable to the Chancellor. Wolfgang Herles, former director of the second channel of German public service television (ZDF) said the authorities expect the media to be obedient and as a result the media operates under strict censorship along the lines of instructions ’from above’. ’We were instructed not to make any negative statements when it comes to refugees’, he says adding that ’German media outlets are the authorities’ obedient puppets, although most of them define themselves as independent’. Ulrich Wickert, the former number one at channel 2 of German public service media (ARD) told the daily Wirtschaftswoche that the German public distrusts the media because it is less and less possible to conceal how it operates as part of the business world and how it exclusively represents business interests. Although those business interests are being sometimes subordinated to political instructions, which comes at a price, in all such cases. Prime Minister Horst Seehofer of Bavaria, chairman of the Christian-Social Union (CSU) told Spiegel in February that if ARD and ZDF hadn’t carried live broadcasts, there would have been no contents representing real life on their programs. It is no wonder therefore that by 2016 the German press has been widely branded as Lügenpresse (lie press). Which doesn’t prevent it from lecturing us, as well as Poland most recently, on press freedom.

One example is die Welt’s Budapest correspondent Boris Kálnoky. He concedes that there is a multiplicity of voices and conflicting opinions in Hungary and in the region, but only as a sign of a lower degree of development. A higher degree, like the German one consists in ‘full consensus on basic issues, while public debates centre mostly on smaller matters’. Say, about the quality of Bratwurst or again if it is sufficient for women to keep migrants at an arm’s length or should they keep just a bit more elbow room. Kálnoky does not ascribe that to a kind of all-encompassing servility and conformism so characteristic of Germany but to the fact that this is what suits German society. ‘It is not censorship that makes reports monotonous in Germany, but the fact that the word outlook is one and the same… The spectrum of opinions in Central and Eastern Europe is wider than in the West, but this pluralism is not always of good taste. There should be some kind of self-control. This is what Hungary lacks I believe. The greatest danger to press freedom today is the reader himself.’ Luckily enough, the German press has been quick in detecting and averting that danger. Rather than addressing the reader, journalists write for their own colleagues – the elite being addressed by the elite. This is precisely how it used to be under socialism. Newspapers were not being written in order to inform the public, but in order to prove to each other how advanced they were ideologically.  People would only read the sports pages without wasting time for the rest which they rightly considered as a mere lies and propaganda. Comrade Aczél used to argue in a way not dissimilar to the one followed by Kálnoky. And he was just as right as Kálnoky is today. All people who could take the floor under communism embraced the idea of the leading role of the Soviet Union and the party’s supremacy or at least pretended believing in a socialist future. Contemporary party leaders thought of course that this was in full conformity with the collective world outlook of society. Now, this is precisely what we had enough of 25 years ago and this is why we embarked on democracy anew, rather than in order to subordinate ourselves again to the same reclusive leftist elite that has been bullying us for two long as it is.

Diverging opinions and political debates are things we do value. We are not politically correct nor do we want to be. We do not create ‘safe spaces’ in our universities for leftist students trained to be hyper sensitive where they can retreat in order to avoid potential sharp remarks. We do not put marks of trigger warning on books which might be disturbing to those who would prefer living in a shelter rather than in real life. Meanwhile, the private life of public actors is not at all a topic of public discourse in Hungary, their sexual habits are not being anatomised, nor are their intimate relationships being ventilated. That’s not bad to start with. Kálnoky announces that ‘German nationalism having become shameful, Germany has built a European identity for itself. It doesn’t continuously proclaim German national feelings. They like the feeling of being Europeans which can be almost seen as a kind of nationalism. To the extent that whenever the European Union is being criticised, Germans react as if they were subjected to criticism’. I wish I knew what ’European identity” is. I did feel European of course in the Far East or in the United States. But why inside Europe? Why at home? And one more remark: this kind of argument and this kind of tone are infinitely downgrading and offensive towards former East Germans who used to risk their lives, personal freedom and careers for the right to free speech and for press freedom. 25 years after the fall of Communist dictatorship, now they are facing having stepped from the frying pan into the fire. Not only will they remain second rate citizens forever, but even their resistance to communist dictatorship is being reinterpreted into useless sacrifice. They could put up somehow with having received no reparations and with their experiences and deeds being seen by the West German elite as worthless and disposable, but by now, as Lügenpresse has become the norm, even their struggle for free press has become laughing matter.

‘Politically correct conformism is nowhere as extreme as in Germany. I for one without having changed a bit, have been rebranded from communist to nationalist for the only reason of having said and written that I cannot put up with the division of Germany. In our country, tolerance is not something as normal as it is in England, France or the USA. In Germany, opinions diverging from what is politically correct are quick to trigger a scandal. And as soon as you become a scandal you will discover what not to be accepted means. It means that you have no future anymore’, Martin Walser writes.

Language is our most delicate moral tool.
Martin Walser

Having been brainwashed by the political elite and the media for decades, German citizens are in an orientation crisis. They don’t know who they are, what their mission is and what their role is in Europe and the world. They don’t dare to be Germans and therefore seek surrogate identities. They might prefer considering themselves to be Europeans or Globals, but we perceive them as Germans anyway. And as we see it, their problems today are rooted in their inability to heal from the Second World War and from the Holocaust or to release at least the new generation born since the end of the Cold War and in the 21st century from the pitfall of guilt. Their facing their own past has remained futile; their attempt at Vergangenheitsbewältigung was a failure. They simplified the 20th century into a moralising tale and a set of horror stories, rather than learning from it. This is why they still don’t understand that all the tragedies of their modern history originate from their incapacity of self-correction. Once they hit the road they are unable to stop, slow down and change direction. They are unable to vote their leaders out of office while the latter are not patriotic enough to step aside in due time and leave their places to those who might follow a new course. This is what happened with William II or Hitler whom they followed until the bunker; and later of course with Honecker who was even unwilling to retire when urged by Gorbachev to do so. Another similar case is that of Angela Merkel who reminds one of a driver on the wrong side of the motorway who is convinced of being the only one driving in the right direction. Nor have the Germans learned the importance of soft politics – which is why they are unable to conciliate other peoples’ goodwill. They are not fond of themselves and therefore don’t care what other people think of them. Open threats to auction Greek islands, to interrupt the money flow or introduce other financial retaliatory measures are not wise or efficient methods to employ in international politics.

Nor has wrestling with history for a hundred years taught them that Realpolitik must supersede ideologies, just as they still ignore the real cause of their failures – the German Empire born in 1871, Hitler’s Third Reich and the German Federal Republic reborn in 1991 have all been too big and too small at the same time. Gemany is too big to be able to accept and resign itself to the fact that it cannot be the only ruler of Europe because it’s too little to push everyone else into the background. It is also too big for its drive to hegemony and politics of control not to jeopardise and disquiet its neighbours and other European countries which have accumulated negative experiences with Germany. Meanwhile it is still too little to couple its leading role with military might and thus to become able to meet its responsibilities stemming from that leading role. As Henry Kissinger put it the Germans are too big for Europe, while two little for the world. Bismarck, Adenauer and Kohl new that but today’s élite is not interested in them nor does it want to follow their example. As Viktor Orbán said several times, Germany is rich and weak, which is the worst possible combination. It is rich and therefore is being envied by many; while it is weak because Germans have been deprived of their capacity of self-defence and self-maintenance by their moralising and extremely ideologically minded elites which suffer from a crisis of identity and a lack of self-confidence. These elites led by the governing coalition and its Chancellor consider German citizens to be hopeless and intend to replace them with masses of migrants out of ideological considerations. The latter are meant to become the good ones, the depositories of the future and the prototypes of the new globalised ‘Europeans’ transcending cultural and national differences. The culturally not too enlightened Chancellor and her elite companions are unaware of what such a goal resembles most to – the future imagined by Hitler, Marx, Lenin and Honecker. Like theirs, this idea is also antidemocratic and Empire-like. (Although it’s usually not being recalled, a United New Europe was one of Hitler’s favourite projects.) The Germans are unable to leave the past behind – they have reneged on it for ever; they have no future strategy; their future is being dismantled. Their present his being overhauled into a globalised multicultural something. Meanwhile, Germany has stepped out of history and took her place in weather reports as well as live broadcasts of football matches and other sporting encounters.

Words are weapons. If you brand your opponent a fascist, you don’t have to answer his arguments.

During the series of talks between Europe and Turkey in March this year, Europe could see with its own eyes how the German Chancellor considers herself a plenipotentiary ruler of the continent and to what extent she would relegate the rest of the member countries to the role of loyal supporters. The secret Turkish-German deal disguised as a spontaneous Turkish proposal was meant to put Europe before a fait accompli. Similarly to what the Chancellor had done in September when she arbitrarily set the path to be followed by the whole of Europe. This time she promised Turkey visa-free travel and Union membership in an attempt to keep her own job. By admitting Turkey, the European Union would not only welcome a huge Muslim country into the community but would also import armed conflicts between Turkey and Russia, Turkey and Syria as well as Turkey and the Kurds. Not to mention the ’values’ being represented so staunchly vis-a-vis Hungary and Poland, like checks and balances, free press, democratic principles and human rights, the rule of law et cetera. Mind you, when it comes to press freedom, the situation in Turkey is hardly worse than that of the brainwashed ‘authoritative’ German, Swedish and Western European media. With regard to human rights, it is also unclear to what extent Merkel’s refugee swap is in conformity with the Geneva Convention, humanitarian principles and the right to seek asylum, all of which are being so frequently evoked by the Chancellor.

In an eloquent proof of the sorry state of the German media elites, Germany, which is in the process of ceasing to exist, is not even capable to release any kind of substantial information about two million immigrants or at least the half of them which have allegedly been registered. Where do they come from? Who are they? What is their age structure? Any information on their previous jobs and schooling? There is no other country in the world that would be unable to publish such data or where such information could be so successfully hidden from the public.

As a result, Germany is again the most rejected country in Europe. Chancellor Merkel has certainly achieved that much. Sie haben es geschafft Frau Merkel. She has brought back all anti-German clichés, prejudices and negative experience into life. Germans have always proved to be two-faced when it came to Europe. Even Hitler contained himself in the West while let lose his most barbaric and cruel henchmen to wage war against whom they considered inferior. Such an approach has apparently become acceptable again under Frau Merkel.

It says a lot about her diplomatic skills and by the way also about the incumbent President of the United States that while Europe is facing a critical period of migration crisis, neither the European Union nor NATO are being mentioned by Barack Obama among his foreign policy priorities.

Linguistic degradation is an indicator of wholesale intellectual chaos; intellectual chaos is an indicator of decomposition, while decomposition is an indicator of death.
Imre Kertész

By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the world outside the West, despised for so long, suddenly became an important factor. China, India, some of the countries of the Far East, of Latin America as well as a few oil-producing Arab countries became increasingly self-assured and efficient in representing their own interests. This is why giant multinationals which are not bound to individual countries but are mostly of Western, first of all North American origin started turning again towards the European continent and saw business opportunities in the illegal migration flowing into the continent. Rather than outsourcing production, it became suddenly luring to take cheap manpower with a low industrial bargaining power to where the new technologies are. Selecting those of the untrained migrant masses who are fit to be employed in industry will yield significant drops in wage expenditures, while the cost of integrating and caring for the tens of millions of illegal migrants will have to be paid for by society as a whole.

Over 80% of the new jobs in the USA since the financial crunch of 2008 have been created in the service sector, and they were all (100%) taken by immigrants (illegal for the most part). It is mendacious and deceptive therefore for ’authoritative’ and ’independent’ experts to argue in favour of unlimited immigration (see George Soros, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Handelsblatt and the whole German press) and try to persuade us to squeeze ourselves out from the labour market and become a minority in our own country.

They recommend all that at a time when ageing and falling birth rates lay huge burdens on the entitlement system and evoke the danger of the implosion of welfare societies. Cohesion within Western societies which had replaced their national identities with a new, welfare identity is already put to a tough trial without the pressure of mass immigration, not to mention the cultural shock Muslim settlers bring to Western societies. Pro-migrant politicians still owe us a strategy to integrate the millions of new arrivals. At present in fact, large segments of the Muslim masses that have been living in Germany and other West European countries for decades live in parallel societies.

However, today’s new settlers want the same welfare, the same kind of life for themselves they know from Western movies and they want all of it immediately, being earnestly convinced that they have a right to get it. They are confirmed in their belief by some of the Western elites who advocate an ever broader interpretation of human rights without ever mentioning either duties or responsibilities. Moreover, anyone who would raise those points would immediately find themselves in the crosshair of the international network of human rights activists. As a result, newly arriving migrants and their extensive families claim to enjoy all achievements of the welfare state at once. Without integrating or accepting the norms and the rules of local societies. West European leading elites who proclaim that ’stranger is beautiful’ and who have been an enthusiastic about the ’morally superior ’ Third World for decades, practice their ’welcome culture’ as a penitence for their countries’ imperialist past. (Our countries’ leaders do not have to face such remorse.) Let me quote Obama as a characteristic example. At last year’s prayer breakfast, the President of the United States said those who blame Islam for, say, a Jordanian pilot having been burned alive had better pipe down, for horrible things had also been committed during the Crusades and under the Inquisition in Christ’s name and even slavery was justified invoking Jesus.

Unfortunately, given their intellectual horizons, leading Western politicians, Obama, Merkel Hollande and the rest see an equation mark between the evil deeds being perpetrated by Islamic extremists today and the horrendous acts of Christians 500 years ago. These low-level remarks ignore that all communities are only responsible for their own deeds. The West perpetrated barbaric ones of the kind we find unacceptable in contemporary Islamic practice several centuries ago. Western elites are also in the vanguard of spreading the false appearance as if religious intolerance and slavery had been an exclusive property of Western civilisation. Moralising attitudes by Obama and Merkel are of course only aimed at concealing that millions of new settlers are seen as a source of political and economic gains – votes and cheap manpower. This is why they don’t want to discover, control and block the money flow that makes this massive transfusion of populations possible. Thus, terrorist organisation and a huge network of human trafficking by the millions that appears to us in the form of a migration pressure are being undisturbedly financed through illegal channels from Dubai, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East.

The elite consisting of German and Western pundits is a unique phenomenon. These people are convinced that Muslims are just like us; they just do don’t yet know it. But if we organise courses for them and share with them our knowledge about what correct and civilised behaviour is about, then they will be immediately transmuted into politically correct and Western-like citizens. In other terms they will accept our own values, or rather those of Western canonizers. Women’s emancipation, homosexual marriage, bearded women, menses-safe sofas. And their women will learn in little workshops with their lady tutors how to prepare washable and reusable panty liners. This kind of ‘hope will be the last one to die’-culture would have seemed exaggerated even in 19th-century novels for girls, but in our times it is about nothing else but despising us. In fact, West European and American politically correct political and media elites do not respect those who disagree and represent values or follow goals different from theirs. They look down on Christians, on anyone insisting on their national identities and traditional values and even despise them. In their world, dissidents are only given a fair treatment if the colours of their skins are different and if they are not Christians. In that case they don’t even bother if those people are just as intolerant as themselves. As for the rest, that is us, we are subjected to their ridiculous taboos and campaigns against the freedom of speech aimed at depriving us of our language and consequently of our chance freely to express our opinions and formulate our arguments. In other terms they want to deprive us of our freedom. Because there is no self-expression, there is no free opinion without language, without the free use of words. Language is everything. Without it we cannot remain free.

More or less all issues are linguistic ones
Gábor Karátson

The Brussels terror attacks were directed against our continent as a whole. The Belgian authorities were unable to prevent them despite having proclaimed a state of emergency several months ago. What is even more worrisome, the inhabitants of the Arab quarter of the Belgian capital hid a terrorist on the wanted list, one of the main suspects of the Paris terror attacks for months on end. They didn’t turn him over to the authorities, they didn’t even ask him to leave. All this puts in serious doubt the loyalty of this community towards European order. According to some reports, some of the people in migrant reception centres in Germany and elsewhere in Europe have reacted with pride and satisfaction to the news of the successful terrorist attack. Just like 9/11 or the Paris massacre had been well-received in similar quarters. I know of course that stupid and extremist people are to be found in any community. But the terrorists hiding and helping Salah Abdeslam, then launching a campaign of revenge after his arrest have a fairly high number of supporters among the Brussels community established in that Belgian capital a long time ago, consisting of Belgian citizens. Philanthropists who have been working on debilitating Europe’s self-defence, have nurtured too many illusions and dreams about the possibility of integrating them.We are left with precious few illusions, despite the latest news alleging that Mr Juncker has been indulging in sober calculations this time.

6 April, 2016