Schmidt Mária


In the third generation the wandering life and rough manners of the desert are forgotten, as though they had never been. At this stage men … are so addicted to luxurious pleasures that they have become a burden on the state; for they require protection like women and young boys. Their national spirit is wholly extinguished; they have no stomach for resistance, defence, or attack. … Until God proclaims the hour of its destruction and it falls with everything that it upholds. (14th century)

Ibn Khaldun The Muqaddimah: an introduction to history (Princeton University Press, 1969)

Europe, especially its Western and Northern regions have created welfare societies which deservedly arouse admiration and envy on the part of less affluent regions, including our own. Those countries are rich and weak. They are weak because their elite is post-Christian, post-nationalist and is fragmented into group identities (feminists, LGBTQ, environmentalists, animal-rights activists, bikers, globalists etc.).

They are weak because they have no defence capabilities. They have disarmed their armies and are thus incapable of defending their borders and consequently our civilisation.[1] Their citizens are hardly willing to do any work or at least do less and less work for more and more money. Jobs considered menial have been left for decades to guest workers or immigrants whom they are too lazy or comfort-loving on the one hand and consider themselves too superior on the other to want to integrate. In fact most of these countries used to be colonial powers until the mid-20th century and their experience and mentalities are rooted in the values of that era. The attempted integration of minorities coming from different cultures is a failure story. Labour market chances of the descendants of their new Moslem citizens who immigrated over the past decades are appalling. Their jobless rates are twice as high as those of the majority population. Integration stumbles on that fact even where it might have started. High unemployment generates an identity crisis which might result in conversion to radical Islam for second and third generation immigrants. Radical Islam has been gaining momentum in the Moslem world since the last thirty years of the past century, replacing mid-century pan- Arabism which would have confined Islam to the Arab world. Islamism, with huge hypes of oil money in its background, is a universal ideology which can be joined by anyone anywhere and which exerts considerable attraction to those who find the West’s godless, money and sex-centred world outlook and weakness abject. Islam is offering spirituality, meaning, community, boundaries as well as life conduct rules to people in crises of orientation.

Conflicts in former colonies in the Middle East, large parts of Africa or the ones between Pakistan and India can be traced back to hotbeds of conflicts shaped in accordance with the interests of the colonial empires of Great Britain, France, Holland, Belgium or Portugal. The borders of colonies as well as of the post-World War I mandates were drawn by the competent powers first of all Great Britain according to their well-established habit of the consciously ignoring ethnic and religious boundaries, just as it was done in our own region, because they hoped to profit from the role of arbiters among feuding countries and communities. Fragile post-World War II balances were guaranteed by the opposing spheres of influence of the bipolar world. By now it has become clear however that the United States can only handle the Middle East with its huge oil reserves in the framework of constant chaos and lasting fratricidal and religious wars. Destabilising Egypt’s, Iraq, Syria and Libya revalued the role of Iran, which represents a dire threat Saudi Arabia, the Gulf emirates and Israel. That situation is being taken advantage of by those who want to make it appear as if there was no solution in sight for the masses except emigration. Especially since the average age in the region is low, young people run meagre chances on the labour market and many find it impossible to create the conditions of getting married at funding a family. Africa’s more than one billion strong population will double within the life span of one generation. It will be a handy solution to send those people to find new homes in the West where opulence is coupled with a political vacuum aggravated by a state of demographic emergency and lasting leadership crisis.

“What sickens me about left-wing people, especially the intellectuals, is their utter ignorance of the way things actually happen.”

George Orwell

There is a question that has to be answered by each generation – where shall we be heading? What shall we stick to? What shall we give up? For the world is in constant and unstoppable change. Our job is to prepare for it keep it within boundaries and under our own control. We should not get ossified, for life will take its share; we just have to ponder how much the traditions of Christianity and of enlightenment are worth to us. What are we ready to relinquish from them and what do we insist on preserving whatever it takes. Secularisation? Women’s emancipation? Private property? The division of powers? The mix of sea, sex, sunshine, leisure and youth? Our cultural identities? Our languages? Are all these important enough for us to be ready to fight for them? For despite all pompous allegations to the contrary, we all know that not all sets of values are identical and sometimes they are even directed against each other. Just like moral traditions, neither are laws identical between one culture and another. Several elements of the Moslem world of values are irreconcilable with the ones enumerated above. We should not lure ourselves into thinking that we shall be able to preserve, uphold and further develop all what is important and valuable to us against a militant and proselytising Moslem world. Here is a warning by count Gyula Andrássy: “We had better have two things on our side. One is the law, the other is power. We might perhaps make it sometimes without the law, but never without power.” What we are about to do at present is to unconditionally open the law to those whose invasion we have no power either to contain or to constrain.


“Humankind cannot bear very much reality,”

                                                                                                                 T. S. Eliot

The European Union has no defence capability or a capability to defend its own borders. Nor does it have a coordinated foreign and security policy. Its loose cannon bureaucracy exhibits airtight impotence. Human trafficking grew out from this fact as the most profitable of all businesses. Afghans, Syrians, Kosovars, Eritreans, sub-Saharan Africans, people of the Western Balkans and who knows who else are flooding into Western Europe. Almost 1,000,000 people will end up in Germany by the end of the year. If they are accommodated, new waves of arrivals will be encouraged, whose numbers will continue to increase until they will be strong enough to occupy all we Europeans have created over the past centuries. That target is clear. Transferring demographic surpluses, including mothers bearing numerous children in order to create a new homeland and invade the West that used to plunder and subjugate them (crusades colonisation, exporting democracy, air raids etc.) but has now has grown incapable of defending itself. We should not delude ourselves: this wave of population transfer is part and parcel of a well planned and executed strategy. It doesn’t pass the test of common sense to believe that masses of illiterate and unemployed people as well as a significant part of the young elites of the countries mentioned above should hit the road one precious day paying tens of thousands of dollars (!) to smugglers as well as to pay for transportation by rail, ship or through the desert etc. Crossing the English Channel alone costs £3 to 4 thousand, while Pakistani traffickers are paid €4500 for a journey from Hungary’s border to Germany. All this to start new lives or rather continue their previous lives in countries whose names they had never heard before and whose mere existence was practically unknown to them. Similarly, a great many Hungarian citizens ignore where those countries are whose citizens suddenly appear around their homes. The leading figures, imams and dormant agents among these new settlers are the ones who will be mobilising immigrants on behalf and in the interest of Islam, taking care of relentless supplies; family reunions (with rather numerous families amounting to full clans) as well as ever newer waves of refugees. These settlers along with earlier arrivals may represent a force capable of depriving us indigenous Christian-Jewish populations of our land as early as in the near future. All this is underway in front of our eyes and with precious support by our political and media elites consisting of left-wing, sixty-eighter “useful idiots” (Lenin).

And still, Ayatollah Khomeini warned us in time: „If Islam is not politics then Islam is nothing”. Yes, Islam is politics and religion at the same time. And a proselytising religion at that, whose believers represent the teachings of the Prophet with strong faith and conviction, while elites in today’s Western Europe have become depersonalised and oriented towards just staying afloat under info-capitalism and are not either willing to or capable of opposing any resistance.[2]

Those elites have never taken responsibility for anything, nor have they apologised for their mistakes. They used to support Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao. The more “enlightened” started out as Trotskyites. They were mistaken. So what? No problem as long as they stood on the side of progress as they still do.

It was somebody else’s blood, somebody else’s life anyway. In the worst case they will be mistaken again. They don’t really have children or grandchildren, and even if they do, they don’t care that much. What do they risk? They will surely get by. They trust that much, because they have no imagination. This left-liberal elite which rules Europe (and which includes unfortunately a significant part of European Christian Democrats) is capable of believing again and again all kinds of idiocies as a sign of the kind of lack of knowledge that can only be the fruit of very long years of learning. (Oscar Wilde) Just as they took all propaganda phrases from Moscow for granted over several decades, now they parrot the left-liberal mantra spreading from New York, Berlin and Brussels. They continue to stutter on a humanitarian catastrophe and lecture on the human rights of refugees as well as on the Christian duty of helping those in need. They can beat every possible record in moralising. But they have never pondered whether it would not be the duty of Muslim countries sitting on huge heaps of oil money to mitigate poverty in the region. Wouldn’t there be a way of taking care of their Muslim brethren other than transferring them to Europe? Wouldn’t it be their duty to stabilise their region? Instead they are paying for the travel expenses of those judged to be superfluous. The left-liberal elites, on their part, enthusiastically stand by and carefully refrain from calling the new arrivals settlers or immigrants, rather than poor refugees. They show children and women, possibly pregnant, on their TV channels, blogs, sites and never stop complaining about the poor souls being hungry and cold (in the 40° summer heat!), adding that despite suffering from post-traumatic stress, they have never or hardly ever received psychiatric treatment! One Hungarian volunteer helping the refugees told their radio on August 23rd 2015, while being seconded by a famously partisan programme host that it was unimportant whom we were giving a helping hand, whether a dog, a broken wig or a human being; what counts is the gesture itself. [3]

But what are Afghans fleeing from? Sending their minors ahead by the thousands? What has been going on there for decades? Why have they had enough just now? Nor has the Middle East become a barrel of powder just recently, or have Africans started suffering of hunger and poverty just now. Why are they so aggressive and pretentious? Why do they think that it is our duty to provide them with drink and food; provide for their hygienic needs and further transportation? It is at this point that their meddling supporters recall 1956 when after the revolution, 200 thousand of our fellow Hungarians were received throughout the world after leaving their country to save their lives, and thus we are not supposed to be heartless. Sure, they found new homes, but only after having been locked into refugee camps, being screened and released often after years only if and when they had found countries ready to host them. Why do not today’s asylum seekers who run for their lives have a few hours for being registered? Who will be liable for letting them stream into our continent without any screening and leaving all security considerations aside? If some of them turned out to organise terrorist attacks one day, will politicians and media actors who now are the loudest in demanding their free inflow at least partly acknowledge their own responsibility? I wouldn’t bet big on that. Any country worthy of this name, any empire is known to defend its own borders. Nor are the borders of the United States open to everyone. America screens illegal immigration with its fences and border patrols and expels those who are caught. Its border patrols are authorised to shoot after prior warning. Apparently migrants cannot walk into Saudi Arabia or the Emirates by the hundreds of thousands and claim welfare subsidies, although those countries are nearer. Why do they go elsewhere? It may be in the interests of the elites in Germany or Sweden to populate their country with Muslims, but this is not the Hungarian national interest. We, as Viktor Orbán said, have a vested interest in preserving Hungary Hungarian.


Good fences made good neighbours.

Margaret Thatcher

In supporting the transfer of cheap manpower into Europe, the Economist known for relaying the guidelines of international business, argues that there is no reason to panic, since we only have one asylum seeker for every 1900 European citizens for the moment. It is well known anyway, the author continues, that immigrants start businesses immediately and revive the economies of the host countries. Not only do they replenish the public purse, but are also less likely to commit crimes than the natives. He also gives us a rear side to best assimilate immigrant masses. “The answer can be summarised in three words: let them work. The formula does well in London New York and Vancouver. Jobs keep young people out of trouble. In the workplace, migrants have to rub along with locals and learn their customs and vice versa.” [4]

On the other hand what will happen to the countries where there is no shortage of labour? And which have not at all been overwhelmed by the examples above and which still remember how fresh or not so fresh immigrant masses from the outskirts of London Paris et cetera stormed from time to time the city centres.

Left liberals are in big trouble. This is why they try to minimise the risk of attempted Islamic colonisation and reinterpret it into a human rights issue. They are only too happy to have found new victims whom they can patronise. However, their endeavour is doomed to failure this time. The self-defence reflexes of European citizens are activated by their survival instinct and will sweep away the impotent and incompetent West European elite which has been reaping one failure after the other. Over the past years everyone could have a taste of the political left getting increasingly hollow and insignificant. There is simply nothing to say about French Socialists; their German colleagues are uninteresting and devoid of fantasy, while the landslide and annihilation of the British Labour Party in Scotland offers a foretaste to the doom of political forces who lose their mission and identity while being continuously disloyal to their own nation and country.

For the moment we still witness politicians and media fortresses of the West European left and the centre-right forces following in their wake replacing the service of the majority with extending the code of political correctness to ever newer areas.

Mr Heiko Maas, the Justice Minister of the CDU-SPD coalition government sent a letter to Facebook asking them automatically to remove racist and anti-alien posts, instead of informing himself about what German society really thinks about the new settlers.[5] Politically correct censorship by the elites effectively kills politics and makes public discourse uninteresting. The kind of elites which don’t keep in mind the security and the rights of their own citizens and their own civilisation, which don’t protect their own people, are unworthy of the confidence that put them into their present position. Such an elite ceases to be an elite and does not deserve either respect or pardon.

Aliens streaming across our borders who don’t speak our languages and ignore or even despise our culture, arouse insecurity and even fear among our citizens. Their angst is not in the slightest relieved by ceaseless lectures by our left liberal pundits accusing us of lack of solidarity and cruelty. Those charges are hurled onto us by the same left-liberal opinion leaders who in December 2004 led a hatred campaign against our brethren ordered to live outside our borders accusing them of taking our jobs, our old age pensions and having their eyes on our money.

If Moslem settlers who put forward demands rather than requests can count on even more comfortable and smooth journeys, how many new ones will hit the road next year? [6] What are we going to do if some of them will get stuck in our country and will appear on the philanthropists‘ doorsteps? Will they continue to be as forthcoming as they are now? What if the Germans and other West Europeans will cherry pick the educated and the serviceable while forcibly returning to us the rest? How much time do we need to integrate such a mass of people? Is it possible at all? Do the target countries have an idea about all that? Germany, Austria, Sweden. The European Union. To what extent have they been successful in integrating the Muslim minorities already living in their countries? What will the newcomers think of their “magnanimity” as early as in 10 years’ time? These are politically incorrect questions, first of all because left liberals have no answers to them. Moralising Western elites only excel in lecturing others and telling them what to do, especially when those others are east Europeans. [7] The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom plays hardball with Polish and Bulgarian guest workers, because they are white and Christian. The same rhetoric against people of other religions or of colour would be immediately branded as racism and would be far more risky. While the people streaming into Hungary are described by the mainstream media within and without the national borders as unfortunate refugees, those who happen to find themselves in Calais suddenly become clients of human traffickers and criminal rings, who go on rampage and threaten public safety and private property.[8] While the 170 km long fence Hungary is building along its southern borders is described by the self-abandonment world-record holding German media or even among Anglo-Saxon liberals as an intolerable attack on basic European values, not only was it deemed necessary and fair by them to build additional fences around the Channel Tunnel and equip them with infrared defences, but it was accepted as being in full conformity with European ethics.[9] It is little wonder if the same patterns are parroted by their Hungarian clones who are incapable of reasoning autonomously.

“The West doesn’t understand post-communism, because it never understood the real nature of communism.”

Jean-Francois Revel

The leaders of our own region are adopting attitudes more sober than those of the Western and Northern half of Europe. We also have responsible people among our intellectuals, because under communism words written or uttered implied a certain risk which was often mortal. They are the ones who do not conform to the politically correct code replacing Newspeak, just as they refused to serve Communist agitprop too. The left liberal side has opted for unconditionally imitating the West not only out of a certain inferiority complex, but also out of the same reflexes which had made them assimilate the patterns emanating from Moscow and from the Communist Party headquarters. They didn’t have to reinvent too much to parrot political correct mantras coming from Berlin this time. As a matter of fact they simply lack the time to build their own patterns, for hatred keeps them too busy. Promoting hatred against anyone putting forward arguments or questions and excommunicating them is in fact a lot easier then bothering to answer them. Timing is the only problem. Just as in the case of American Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders who travelled to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon in 1988 in an expression of siding with the Soviet model. When militant Islamists enter the sphere of life of ordinary European citizens and start terrorising their daughters because of their short skirts and uncovered hairs, it will be too late. It will be too late to realise that the right of same-sex couples to get married is not the most burning problem to be solved.

The life instinct of central Europe is still working. Prime Minister Fico says the crisis was not caused by Slovakia and therefore she has no responsibility to of her own in it  and does not intend to take part in resolving it. Slovakia is ready to receive 200 Syrian Christians but not one single Moslem. It gives a hand to the Austrians by temporarily hosting 500 migrants while asylum seekers in Austria number almost 100 thousand. The Czechs argue that they live in a monolithic culture and are not prepared to change that. “We are not accustomed to live with others and are also cautious,” a leading politician said. They agreed to receiving 1500 migrants provided that they are capable of integrating into Czech society and will find their place in the labour market. “The outer borders of the Schengen area must immediately be closed down, and the territory of Europe must be defended against the influx of migrants. We must engage NATO,” Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Andrej Babis said.[10] Poland accepted 2000 migrants, Lithuanian 250, both on the same conditions. The president of Poland also remarked that his country must be ready to receive Ukrainian migrants, should they start fleeing towards the West. The same applies to us!

150 thousand migrants have crossed Hungary and their numbers might reach 300,000 by the end of the year. Asylum seekers number over 6000. In 2014, 42,777 refugees asked for residence permits and 483 such permits were granted. This wave of migrants is made mainly of economic migrants who as it has been admitted by Europe’s leaders as well, hit the road hoping to find higher living standards in a new country. The cult of the victim imposed on Europe and on Hungary by Germany which has several decades of tradition in this field now is coupled with inviting or even luring attitudes which is bound to increase anti-German sentiment in our region. We are fully aware in fact that the yearly €12, to 13 thousand Germany is spending for each settler is higher than the average income in Hungary or in any other former socialist countries. Citizens in our region consider this immigrant welfare system as being the unequivocal reason and explanation for the influx of people into Europe.

“Just being poor does not make someone eligible for being ‘rescued’ by a life in Europe. Mass poverty has to be tackled, but the only way it can be done is for poor countries to catch up with the rich ones.”

Paul Collier

Most new settlers intend to reach Germany, Sweden, Austria, the UK and other opulent countries. Hungary is only a transit area. Germany is rich and her political and media elites apparently haven’t yet realised that by accommodating one million new settlers they will make this process unstoppable. The German state pays €35 daily and per capita to families that host Muslims. Thus, comfortable living is being offered to those already settled in Germany. Refuges cost a thousand euros monthly per capita and who knows for how long. Germany is free and rich enough to meet the challenge, the German Interior Minister said. But she’s not free enough not to brand as politically incorrect and not to have ritually “executed” a man like Thilo Sarrazin who warned about the danger inherent in the presence of an Islamic minority. Just for the record. If therefore anyone decided to raise their voice to warn about the risks of this Islamic influx, they should know what they’re in for on German soil where the only ones who have rights are those playing the role of or siding with the victim, while the rest should keep the mouths shut. Here’s a sentence by Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), which is extremely telling about intellectual and moral conditions in today’s Germany: “Some European countries (he is talking about our region) which consider Europe as a community of advantages, only get involved in its projects if they are paid for it.” Let’s not forget that had it depended on West German Social Democrats, Germany and consequently Europe would not have united 25 years ago. One basic argument put forward was one of cash desk chauvinism. The deputy Chancellor failed to explain what the 1 million future settlers from the Western Balkans, Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea etc think of Europe, including Germany. What do they seek there apart from advantages? No effective European response to the challenge is possible as long as the German political elite which intends to transform Europe into a carbon copy of the German Federal Republic refuses to realise that Europe is not going to become more united if all countries will be forced to follow the well-known dull German economic policy rules or that Europe means more than the Euro and the balance of the budget.

The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.

Ziya Gökalp

The Luxembourgish leader of Europe, Jean-Claude Juncker who is already in good mood early in the morning and whose election was opposed by the prime ministers of the United Kingdom and Hungary among others because of his unclear taxation and corruption records, expressed his position on the migration issue in a touching message.[11] He pointed out that he considered Europe a community of values which meant that it was expected to receive anyone passing by without limits on numbers. Immigrants, he argued, were people who didn’t happen to be lucky enough to be born in one of the most rich and stable regions of the world. Ending his writing in which he hides his heartbreakingly naive and hopelessly cynical thoughts behind fuzzy phrases, Juncker warns that Europe will fail if fear will prevail; Europe will fail if egoism rather than solidarity prevails. Europe, he believes, is a continent that can bear further burdens. [12] Shall we suppose that the leader of Europe has never ventured to the eastern half of the continent? That he doesn’t know that living standards over here are a fraction of those in Luxembourg. As far as stability goes, he could have been told about the destructive Yugoslav war just over two decades ago; or about the Kosovo war; or about the Russian-Ukrainian war underway at this very moment. He probably also skipped the data on the downturn of Ukrainian living standards over the past few years. Of course, if stable and rich Western Europe does receive an unlimited number of new settlers, let it be their problem. And in the first instance it will also be their problem if they will not manage to integrate them and to reconcile their value systems. In a recent televised event, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told weeping Reem Sahwill, a little Palestinian girl: “I understand your position. Politics is tough business. But you surely know that thousands of people are waiting for proceeding towards Europe from Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. If we suddenly said you’re all welcome even if you come from Africa, we could simply not manage.” The liberal press took sides with the crying little girl of course, until the day when little Reem, who lives in Rostock with her parents, told Die Welt that she considered Palestine rather than Germany her home and hoped to live there one day when there will be no more Israel, only Palestine. “Here we have freedom of expression I’m free to say so and I’m ready to discuss that”, Reem explained to the astonished reporter before adding: “my parents say we were chased from posting by Israel. That’s right isn’t it?” [13] That didn’t pass the politically correct test. A few weeks later the Chancellor whose name had come to mean in the 2014-2015 student jargon “to do nothing, to postpone decisions, to wait out” changed her position. She promised unconditional residence permits to all “refugees” from Syria and Iraq, who will no doubt respond by the millions to the kind invitation. [14] Immigrants on their way or in camps in Turkey or elsewhere will now be even more self-assured and arrogant in marching through Europe, not before having destroyed their IDs or equipping themselves with forged ones. “Germany doesn’t tolerate threats to migrants by people chanting verses full of hate or by loud drunkards. On the contrary, everybody should ponder their hardships,” the suddenly soft-hearted German Chancellor[15]  warns her fellow countrymen and the inhabitants of Europe, after having altered one single sentence worth remembering  during her over 10 years in office and it was her admission that multiculturalism had failed. [16] Nevertheless, Germany, a country without national identity continues to insist on multiculturalism and what is even bigger a problem, she wants to impose it to the whole of Europe. She is arguing that immigrants are a blessing for ageing Germany, which badly needs additional workforce. And the new settlers are well educated. According to Ulrich Reitz, editor-in-chief of the pro-CDU Focus magazine, the settlement of millions of Muslims is similar to the reunification of forcibly divided Germany! “Through reunification, Germany has become more eastern and more Protestant. Through the new flow of immigration coming from the failing Middle East and from African countries, Germany will become more southern, more colourful and more Muslim.” He thinks Germany must be proud of being the desired new home of these people. She shouldn’t fear them because Germans are not xenophobic but internationalist; they are a nation which has been mentally globalised. This mentally globalised, internationalist Germany by her sheer dimensions and e