Schmidt Mária

Language and Liberty

„Language: now, as always, it all started with language. The expropritation, the agressive seizure of language has swept us frighteningly far from reality. The crisis could not be more serious.
Anyone trying to break free from the strangehold of half-truths and contrived thought experiments risks nothing less than expulsion from the „paradise” of lies. True, in a few decades from now – or a few centuries – such people could become icons; but the prisoners of the putrefying present are doing their utmost to mercilessly annihilate them here and now. With this volume Mária Schmidt is again taking a risk. According to her iroinic profession of faith, however, she has no choice: what is at stake is liberty."

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Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society, Budapest, 2018.
275 pages
3990 HUF